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Everyone is aware that they need some form of security for their computers. With a variety of excellent free programs available for home use, being sold unnecessary, overcomplicated and heavyweight anti-virus applications can lead to more problems than they were designed to solve, sometimes even interacting with each other to erroneously disable services on your computer. Worse still, these applications shockingly often don’t detect new or existing viruses or malware correctly, either informing you and subsequently blocking a legitimate request or ignoring actual break in attempts!

At Online PC Support, our IT Experts are at the forefront of security trends, capable of utilising the latest (and wherever possible, freely available) tools to keep your system secure. With the ever increasing complexity of computer viruses, root-kits, spyware and malware we can help you stay protected online, increasing the life of your hardware, safeguarding your personal details and reputation and minimising the likelihood of data loss due to your PC being compromised.

With an invaluable wealth of underlying knowledge and experience, our IT experts can advise you on everything from parental controls, firewalls and data encryption to the physical security of everything IT. And we can even show you how to do it!

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Internet Filtering
The unrestricted World Wide Web is an unsafe place, especially for children. Adult content, abuse and worse are available easily to those with curious or adventurous minds, and can often appear even without request. And that's before you consider the damage malicious or hijacked websites can cause to your home computers when visited in error or indifference.

Working with K9 Web Protection, Online PC Support can keep you, your family and your computer safe from potential harm on the internet by automatically blocking websites and content you deem unsuitable. It even has built in protection against sites already compromised to keep your computer free of infections and your family free from inappropriate findings without having to wait for the latest computer security updates or patches.

According to the Websense 2010 Threat Report, throughout the last year alone the number of malicious internet websites grew by 111.4%, of which nearly 80% were legitimate websites that had been compromised.

With threats becoming more complex and advanced, superior Anti-Virus is a necessity for any computer attached to a network or the internet. Using AVG’s internationally recognised security software we work with your to keep both your family and your software vigilant and defended against exploitation or theft.

PC Protection
As important in home networks and residential environments as they are in giant business and government infrastructures, a firewall provides the first line of defence between your computer and the network(s) it's connected to, filtering out unsolicited and malicious connection and intrusion attempts.

When configured correctly, a firewall provides an exceptional and easily manageable tool to control access to a computer, however they can often stand unnoticed in the way of otherwise seemingly perfect connections causing hours of frustration. At Online PC Support, we've been securing computers and networks since we began our careers, and can offer you the best and most affordable advice and support for your firewalls and security issues.

Most PCs contain important or irreplaceable documents, pictures or other precious memories, but nearly all of these same PCs are woefully underprepared for events that can cause the loss of this data such as aggressive viruses or hard disk failure.

Although we are the UK's leading provider of IT Support, and our IT Experts can fix a staggering 99.95% of all problems they are presented with, we never like to give people bad news, especially when a few simple and free preventative measures can be taken beforehand to prevent such problems altogether.

To make sure your computer is protected, no matter what happens it, check out our new Online PC Backup service, or for all other preventative advice and support, give us a ring!

MailCleaner Anti-Spam
Data Encryption
Using a professional filtering solution, designed to eradicate all malicious or otherwise undesirable email (spam), we employ a unique system which captures and cleans email in the cloud before reaching their intended destination.

Already protecting hundreds of thousands of users, our sophisticated solution works in parallel with any current email software to provide full quarantine control features - with just a click anyone can instantly release a message retained by the filter to their inbox.

With sophisticated intrusion and anti-detection methodologies employed in computer attacks, can you be sure that, if compromised, your data would still be safe in the hands of whoever stole it?

Financial statements, passwords, records, photographs and other personal information resides on computers as a matter of course, often without issue, readable by all who have access to the machine. With Online PC Support's extensive scientific and technological background experience, we can support and implement data encryption policies which ensure the information on your computer is as safe as it is in your mind - even on USB sticks, through email and instant chat programs!

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