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Looking for something a bit classier than a hotmail address? Fed up with Windows Live? We'd like to introduce you to our personalised email service - a bit like having a personalised numberplate for your computer.

Why settle for [email protected] when you could be [email protected]? With email becoming such an important part of life, and with online reputation mattering almost as much as your offline one, we can make sure your email address is as unique and memorable as you are, without the need to drop your old email address or even put any extra effort into checking your spiffy new inbox!

With a set of features which blows all major free providers out of the water, we can have you sending email from your own address, anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. You don't even have to learn anything new - we can integrate your new and existing email addresses so you can check and send them from the same program you already do! And thanks to Online PC Support's leading IT Experts, we can even show you how to do things you didn't know were possible, such as checking your email on your mobile or iPhone, catching misspellings of your name or email, filtering your email for viruses and spam and even emailing people back automatically when you go on holiday!

Completely separate from your Broadband or Internet Service Provider, allowing you to keep your email inbox and address safe no matter who provides you with Internet access, we can explain and guide you through the whole process of choosing your new addresses. With the pool of available domain names shrinking daily, speak with an IT Expert to make sure you get the personal email address you want today!

Email Plans

Thanks to our own, lightening fast email platforms utilising the latest versions of SmarterMail and Microsoft Exchange server, we are pleased to offer, for well organised and demanding people, academics or even busy mothers, a fully synchronised email, scheduling, calendar and contact management service. Both our email plans offer outstanding uptime, reliability and value for money - if you need anything clarified we're waiting by the phone!
All Prices include VAT @ 20%
Our Personal email package is aimed at customers who require an entry level platform offering POP3/IMAP/SMTP connectivity via standard email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Complimented by a full webmail portal, this is ideal for the majority of users.

Our Exchange email package is for the more demanding user, offering far more than just send and receive. With full synchronisation of your email, contacts, calendar and even your sent items on every device that can connect to the Internet, Microsoft Exchange is the market leading product offering full ActiveSync with push synchronisation technology to guarantee that no matter where you add a contact, update your calendar or send an email, all your devices will instantly contain the same data!

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Create your FREE Online PC Support account and speak with one of our IT Experts to discuss your needs.
Once you have decided on your domain name we will setup your email service and show you how to configure your email program to start sending straight away!
Send and recieve email from your unique and memorable email address wherever you are in the world!

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