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Although we are able to fix 95% of computers securely over the Internet, there are times where we simply can't do anything without physical access to the machine, and not everyone has the time to be able to drop the machine into our store or the ability to disconnect and move the PC, even for a minute.

For those lucky enough to live within about an hour of our store, Online PC Support can offer you our IT Expert's leading support and expertise in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are simply unable to connect to the web or your machine won't power on, or for any other reason we can't do our usual magic over the Internet. Thanks to our lifetime of experience in IT there truly is no such thing as impossible - from helping with moving house to new installations!

With the same excellent service that our Online and In-Store customers have come to know and love, our IT Experts’ dedication means we’ll have you back up and running or setup in no time and our pricing structure means you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost you.

To find out how we can help you, or to discuss anything that’s annoying you, give us a ring - we might even be able to save you having to boil the kettle and a callout fee by getting you fixed right away using our leading Online Support service.

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Internet Problems
Problems with home broadband connections are a frequent occurrence, and with the average household's requirement of a stable connection for online banking, shopping, homework, revision and entertainment, interruptions can be frustrating and have many repercussions.

From faults on the telephone line to faults in the router, our IT Expert's have seen it all and know exactly where to start resolving the issue so we can get you back up and downloading as soon as possible. And from there we can fix everything else from our office, leaving you free to go about your day and us Keeping IT Affordable!

Cables and connectors can be a nightmare even for the most seasoned of IT professionals, especially when in environments that were never really designed for them. Fortunately our IT Experts can maintain their cool even when drowning in a sea of plastic shielding, and their passion for computers means they are as excited as you are about getting your latest gadget working as well as physically possible.

From network printers to stealthy CCTV and even home media systems, we can help plan, purchase and install your equipment, whatever it might be, for much less than you might think. Plus a cup of tea.

Repairs & Upgrades
Sometimes computers and their accessories are just far too bulky to sensibly move, or far too complex to break apart and reassemble elsewhere. For those situations when bringing your PCs or gadgets in to the store is impossible, our IT Experts can come to you for any ongoing or necessary system maintenance.

Although we encourage the use of Online Support for most maintenance, simply because it's cheaper to you, our fixed rate, all encompassing Onsite Support delivered with the care and dedication of our IT Experts cater to all budgets and ensure you'll know exactly why we are the South’s leading provider of Onsite IT support.

Computers, like any machinery, will eventually go wrong, although replacement is not always an option, or even necessary! Even cheap and simple upgrades can prolong the useable life of a computer by a significant amount and often even something small like a battery can bring a computer back from seemingly the brink of failure.

Although we encourage the use of our In-Store Support for repairs and upgrades, our IT Experts are also able to come to you, perfect if you need to minimise the effect of moving or disconnecting your computer. We recommend booking an appointment for Onsite support, although an emergency service is available.

Peripheral Help
Home Networks
The ingenious design of modern computers has lead to a huge market supplying some incredible accessories, peripherals and extensions of all shapes, sizes and colours. Unfortunately this variety also extends to the ease of use and installation procedures of most equipment, which can make life with your computer more frustrating than before you had your new “do everything” accessory.

Thanks to our thorough knowledge and experience, our IT Experts can take the pain out of your computing accessories and peripherals, helping with installation, maintenance and even device training! Although our ethos of Making IT Affordable means we encourage the use of In-Store support as much as possible, our pricing structure means that if we do have to come out and help you, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost you.

Although networking technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds, home networking devices and wireless equipment still occasionally develop faults or experience errors that require a little bit of specialist knowledge to resolve. Here at Online PC Support, we can help you with all aspects of home and wireless networking, from sharing your printer to configuring and securing your cable free connections!

If you ever find yourself unable to see your other computers around the house or unable to talk to the internet, Online PC Support’s IT Experts, with their extensive experience can help you get connected again. Give us a ring and ask - we might not even have to come out after all thanks to our leading Online Support service.

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