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Fed up of trawling trough the minefield of residential broadband only to get significantly less than you first expected? Here at Online PC Support we've tried them all, and heard so many tales of woe and frustration we've had enough.

Working with BE Broadband, we are pleased to offer you the best of the best of fixed price broadband packages. With blistering, real world speeds and an unlimited monthly data transfer allowance, BE truly are the UK's leading Broadband provider, consistently winning "best broadband" awards for the last five years.

And the reason for all this? BE's exceptional commitment to keeping their network in tip-top condition, coupled with our leading IT support make BE broadband from Online PC Support a service near impossible to beat. You'll never have your speed reduced because everyone else on the street are using the Internet as well, and with packages starting from 12 Mbps download (subject to your distance from the exchange), even the most demanding households will be wondering just quite what they were paying their old broadband provider to do.

And if you've always dreamed of the sort of Internet connection to be found in the average data centre, we can bond two lines into your home to double your connection speed instantly and give you one of the fastest connections in the UK!

Broadband Packages

A perfect compliment to our Online PC Backup, superb for gaming, video streaming, file downloads or anything in between, and with a FREE wireless router and no setup or connection fee, get the broadband you've always been promised today at an exceptionally affordable price!
Speed subject to distance from the exchange.Extremely fair use policy applies. Suitable landline required. Prices include VAT @ 20%.
If you already have a broadband provider, we can take care of all the whole migration process, obtain your MAC code (to get you transferred) and switch you over with an average of only two hours downtime! If you don’t, then give us a call and one of our IT Experts will be happy to discuss everything you need to know, and setup your account for you!

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Decide what you want or need from your broadband connection and choose a package from the table above.
Give us a ring to get everything started and tell us what you need. We’ll get your broadband ordered and take care of everything you need.
Plug your FREE wireless box and get surfing without any limits, hassle or slowdown!

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