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As the UKs leading Online Support specialists, we are proud of our friendly and effective approach to ICT, providing establishments with a huge range of affordable ICT solutions, from flexible and managed site wide ICT systems to quick, one off, computer fixes. Our IT Experts’ knowledge and ability mean we can help you in the fastest possible time, and at an affordable price.

We offer two models for ICT Support - our leading Online Support packages, designed for reactive computer support (i.e. call us when you have a problem!); alternatively our popular Outsourced IT Support Plans provide a fully managed system with pro-active support and assistance, meaning we can fix your problem before you know you have one!

Our Outsourced ICT Support plans are generally provided to establishments with server infrastructure - as the most important element of any ICT system, they require plenty of TLC to ensure maximum uptime and high availability for your staff and pupils.

With three packages available, all fully scaleable our Outsourced ICT plans are calculated subject to the number of servers and optionally workstations, around your site. Further information can be found below in our Outsourced Price Plans, or alternatively, feel free to speak with an IT Expert for more information!

Outsourced Price Plans

Our Outsourced ICT Support plans offer an exciting new service which provides the highest level of ICT Support, with our fastest response times. Designed for demanding systems, high availability and regular ICT Support, we take care of all aspects of your system in a proactive manner ensuring that your infrastructure is monitored, updated and running with maximum possible uptime.
All fees exclude VAT. *Each support session is up to 15 minutes. †Example based on minimum requirements. ‡Additional PCs charged at £14.99 per PC.

One of the key features is our Online Server Maintenance included within our plans for customers with server infrastructure to prevent unexpected downtime to your system and daily operations. Our fees are charged on a monthly basis in advance by invoice and are calculated on a server and workstation basis. All proactive and preventative measures are available subject to plan with all additional IT Support requests for your system or critical failures charged in arrears at our standard Online Support fees associated to the subscription. All onsite support requests are charged at our standard Onsite Support Fees.

Included Services

We offer 3 distinct Outsourced IT Support Plans to meet the staggering variety of ICT choices and demands found in any given educational establishment. Each of our support plans has been carefully tailored by our long standing relationships and experiences within a vast support base to deliver precisely the key elements required to keep your ICT systems running. Our low monthly fees target the key components of your system in a proactive manner helping you keep costs down yet with flexible terms, allowing you to remain focused on delivering your core curriculum.

All customers are provided with dedicated IT Experts, essential in our relationship for familiarity and knowledge. Depending on your existing internal ICT arrangements, from ICT technicians to a member of staff who happens to love IT, we will work with any appointed ICT staff, or in many cases, directly with the end users for fault resolution and assistance.

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Choose from the variety of outsourced ICT support plans on offer based upon your expected level of ICT demands.
Speak with one of our IT Experts to confirm your requirements and understand exactly how we’ll be helping you.
Sit back and relax with the peace of mind that your ICT system is protected by Online PC Support!

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