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We are proud of our commitment to delivering and maintaining controlled, secure, managed ICT environments which reduce the total cost of ICT ownership. No matter the level of ICT support available in your school we can lower ICT related overheads and maintenance costs whilst providing a reliable and scalable system to your students and staff.

We have a pragmatic approach to the management of ICT systems. Over time ICT environments can become unnecessarily complex, however our experience will ensure that system management, as well as any upgrades and enhancements that may be required, remain internally consistent to adhere to internal ICT policies and procedures complimenting any existing setup within your establishment.

Leveraging the rich features of Microsoft Windows (at no additional cost to you), we provide fully managed and easily maintainable solutions with full training if required to ensure that the whole ICT environment continues to remain as reliable and usable as when it were new. With a proven track record of reducing the associated costs of fully managed systems (thanks in part to our experience and ability with managing these kinds of systems!), and backed by our superb Outsourced ICT Support Plans we can offer a solution that meets your demands whilst Making IT Affordable.

Our Services

Laptop Trolleys
ICT Suites
With a small physical footprint, Laptop Trolleys offer secure, mobile, central storage, charging and distribution facilities to staff and students for portable, readily available ICT equipment whilst protecting your investment.

For environments where multiple laptops are used, Lapsafe's top of the range security features, coupled with integral wireless access points, and automatic battery charging, so you can be assured that wherever you might need them, your laptops or notebooks will be ready and raring to go.

Capable of remote management in or out of the bays, and with fully independent alarms, Lapsafe trolleys truly are mobile ICT suites which will allow your school to fully discover the capabilities of eLearning.

As true supporters of the role ICT suites play in educational establishments, our experience confirms the importance for pupils to have a central and focused environment dedicated to learning and development of the ICT based curriculum whilst offering incredible and effective learning opportunities across the board.

Drawing on our range of experience and industry knowledge, we have helped numerous schools with the planning and advice required throughout the entire life cycle of both new and existing ICT suites.

Offering fully configured bespoke designs and installations, our IT Experts always take into consideration power requirements, network cabling, room layout, and the importance of SmartBoard positioning for optimal classroom environments.

Interactive Classrooms
Computer Lockdown
Imagine if you could involve and engage even the least interested pupils easily and seamlessly across classrooms and subjects.

Interactive classrooms bring tricky or arbitrary concepts and ideas within the grasp of each and every student giving them skills and intelligence for life whilst allowing teachers to analyse and evaluate students regularly and simply.

With such smart learning methodology and the flexibility afforded by modern technology, we can help you raise standards in education while simultaneously saving you money!

As an organisation, you are responsible for the data that travels over your wires, and the content you serve to your users. This can be particularly worrying when coupled with the need to protect children and their data.

The key feature of security within our managed environments utilises a combination of firewalls and software to enforce access policies such as which services are permitted for use by and accessible to users.

Fully logged for complete accountability and with the ability to alert those responsible, your data and users will be safe in our hands.

Cloud Computing
Outsourced IT
Our private cloud computing solutions can deliver your applications, email, data and much more to any user, anywhere, anytime, with simply an internet connection and a computer. Ranging from delivering coursework and familiar working environments to the provision of necessary academic software applications, these services are provided on demand and are easily fully scaleable.

The popularity of our cloud computing services is growing exponentially, driven purely by cost savings and reduced ICT overheads compared with in-house ICT systems and administration.

The full range of these services and working demonstrations are available on request.

As providers of services & solutions to a variety of educational establishments, we know that Outsourced ICT is an effective measure for dramatically reducing your ICT overheads and ongoing costs, allowing you to save more from your budget and increase ICT efficiency without compromising on reliability.

Given the high costs associated with employing ICT technicians, the high turnover of staff within these positions or simply as a measure for major cost savings, outsourcing ICT is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Online PC Support specialise in Outsourced ICT solutions, giving your school the peace of mind that a friendly, familiar and knowledgeable addition to your ICT resources is available. Whether you employ internal ICT technicians or need a new ICT partner we can help whenever and however often you might need us.

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