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Most educational establishments have benefited from the Government's leased lines initiative rolled out a number of years ago. Today, few educational establishments still require the functionality and historical connectivity provided by local authorities to access the resources that this initiative originally supplied.

Thanks to our partnership with BE Broadband and the recent introduction of line bonding we can offer equivalent, if not faster Internet connectivity than existing leased lines. The average annual cost of a leased line to schools is approximately £5,000, whereas BE can provide Bonded Broadband for only £663 per year!

BE's award winning Bonded Broadband utilises the latest technology allowing for fast transfer speeds - up to 5Mbps upload and an impressive 48Mbps download (subject to your distance from the exchange) to improve such tasks as browsing the Internet, remote access, cloud computing integration and demanding multimedia content. Establishments that do not require these fast upload speeds can instead benefit from the BE Pro package, providing even further savings!

Purchasing BE Broadband from Online PC Support provides you with the highest level of service and support. We act as your agents to deal with setup, configuration and installation of your new broadband, or if you prefer your ICT technicians can deal directly with Online PC Support for self-installation.

Broadband Packages

Capable of uploading faster than most people download, rock solid and with no hidden fees, BE broadband from Online PC Support is designed so that your infrastructure, students, or anyone else for that matter, won’t slow your connection down!
Speed subject to distance from the exchange.Extremely fair use policy applies. Suitable landline required. Prices exclude VAT.
Once you have decided on the package that suits your needs, please feel free to contact one of our IT Experts to discuss the exact processes required to start your new life with BE Broadband. We will create your new account and organise delivery of your equipment and as a rough guide, from ordering to installation takes typically 7 working days. All payments for the service are made directly to, and invoiced by BE Broadband either by debit card or monthly direct debit.

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