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MailCleaner Spam Filtering

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Email is one of businesses most important tools. With the explosion in the number of junk or malicious emails being delivered to your inbox, you waste time and effort reading through and discarding them. Business also risk infection throughout their networks and workstations by allowing malicious email to be delivered to user’s mailboxes.

Using a professional filtering solution designed to eradicate all malicious or otherwise undesirable email (spam), we employ a unique system which captures and cleans email in the cloud before it finishes reaching it’s intended destination.

Working with MailCleaner, a world leading provider of email security, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions, we can ensure your mailboxes and employees are protected against malicious and irrelevant email messages. Already protecting thousands of users, our sophisticated solution works in parallel with your current IT system to provide end users full quarantine control features - with just a click anyone can instantly release a message retained by the filter to their inbox.

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Capable of integrating into any existing business email solution including Microsoft Exchange and our Hosted Mail platform, fully redundant and automatically updated, you can ensure you and your staff aren’t plagued by unwanted and undesirable messages without compromising your ability to receive genuine email. MailCleaner can also resolve issues with mail server maintenance and downtime by retaining messages sent to your organisation whilst your mail server is down or otherwise unavailable, redelivering them when your mail server becomes available once more.
MailCleaner Anti-Spam services are available in blocks of 10 users. All prices exclude VAT.
Upon receipt, MailCleaner analyses messages and determines whether they are genuine, quarantining unwanted mail. A daily quarantine report is then delivered to users mailboxes, allowing them to release those caught in error with just one click. If a user suspects that a genuine email has been caught accidentally they are able to log in to an online portal to view their live quarantine and release messages where appropriate. Compared to other mail filtering products on the market, not only is MailCleaner far more cost effective, but it also allows individual users full control of their email and spam management.

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