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All businesses have a responsibility to ensure they are correctly licensed and can provide proof of ownership of all software applications, Operating Systems and Client Access Licences. We often find that poorly managed software inventories and ledgers start well but over time become out of date or prone to loss.

We provide a range of services to tackle this problem, from regular audits and licence counts to product patches and updates. Our IT Experts can supply you with free software to do this job for you which will scan your network, interrogate your workstations, laptops and servers and report back, all from a user friendly, interactive web based inventory.

Thanks to our years of expertise, we can help find the right software package for whatever task necessary, from productivity based applications to full Content Management Systems, as well as providing you with complete installation and all necessary training to get the best from your software investment. Thanks to our good standing and business history, we can tap into a variety of licensing programs from all the market leading software providers, to make your IT affordable. Complimented by our in-house software development team we can write add-ons, plugins, extra features or even fully bespoke software that would otherwise not be available “off the shelf”!

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Using our expert advice and superbly logical methodology we can help your business increase software security, efficiency, stability and longevity.

Ensuring your computers and business are using your software correctly not only increases productivity whilst keeping your business within the law but lowers software related costs as far as possible.

Our specialist teams will provide you with a full, site-wide report with no interruption to your working day or network services.

From small to large businesses, software licensing can involve serious investment of both time and money. Online PC Support are here to streamline and automate this process for you.

Our license management system makes certain that your business has exactly the number of licenses it requires and is able to prove end-user compliance on demand.

Don’t take the risk of stealing or buying the wrong software - speak to us today!

Delivered interactively over the internet on exactly the same basis as our Online Support plans, we can provide the training you require while you enjoy the comfort of your office chair and the familiarity of your own computer.

Fully understanding and supporting all Microsoft products as Certified Partners, our extensive knowledge extends to third party applications and tools on a “best endeavour” basis.

Capable of one-to-one as well as group or seminar education, we can help you help yourselves.

Using smart software installation and maintenance techniques, businesses can ensure they have all their required software readily available for users without the need to physically access each machine.

Working with new or existing infrastructures we allow businesses to reduce their total cost of software ownership whilst giving you complete, centralised control.

Capable of handling flexible desk policies and remote users, we can provide you precisely the software deployment solution you need.

Thanks to the fast paced development of modern security threats and the evolution of technology, effective software update management can significantly reduce business costs whilst ensuring users are fully protected and empowered by the very latest software available.

Delivering an efficient and proven method of software update management allows you to take control of your updates, managing everything from geographically remote users to virtual machines easily and effectively.

We like getting to know you and your requirements inside out. Each IT project is a unique and exciting opportunity and our drive and motivation mean we are as determined as you are to pick the perfect solution.

Proud of our insight and ability to think independently we are able to offer you truly valuable opinion and advice throughout your project, whilst following our consistent and proven approach to problem solving.

Our vast experience and honest nature means we are always happy to chat!

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