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Does your business have remote access facilities for your staff? Imagine having seamless remote access to personal files and company resources anywhere that has internet connectivity. With improvements such as faster broadband technology and mobile device connectivity, we are finding more and more businesses keen to adopt a remote access policy and infrastructure to support these demands.

With a variety of options available, our experience can deliver exactly the remote access integration you require. Our platforms can easily publish remote applications for use anywhere, available via a web page, ranging from business software applications to the full Microsoft Office productivity suite. Without the requirement for these applications to be installed on the end user's computer, your staff can now access, from anywhere and at any time, the ultimate in familiar, consistent and collaborative corporate environments.

With Online PC Support as your IT provider and partner, we can work with you to Make your IT Affordable, from one off solutions to a long term relationship. As business users ourselves we understand and see the true value of stable, fast and flexible remote access, making sure even the slightest bit of snow does not grind your business to a halt!

Our Services

Work Anywhere
Email Anywhere
Our private, work anywhere solutions can deliver your applications, email, business data and much more to any user, anywhere, anytime, with simply an Internet connection and a computer. These services are provided on demand and are easily fully scalable.

The popularity of our work anywhere services is growing exponentially, driven purely by cost savings and reduced IT overheads compared with in-house IT systems.

The full range of these services, and working demonstrations are available on request.

Thanks to the breadth of our IT knowledge, we are pleased to offer you email anywhere, from any device with full synchronicity across all connected equipment.

Using industry standards such as POP, SMTP and IMAP we can offer you full email continuity - never loose an email again - even when moving ISP or using a new computer.

We also recommend a look at our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service, which includes calendar and contact support.

Business Progression
Remote Apps
Moving away from a static IT environment where computers and users are contained within the office to provide access to systems, software and data, Online PC Support can implement exciting enhancements to push business productivity to the next level.

Business who have adopted these new remote access, mobile and collaboration technologies, have proven that a small investment in IT can easily progress businesses that were beforehand falling behind their competitors.

With such an incredible array of options and cost-effective solutions, any IT budget spent wisely with Online PC Support will truly return it’s investment into sales and growth through a minimum of fuss and maximum of cost savings.

Modern IT infrastructure and technology give businesses a truly exciting opportunity to allow staff the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere in the world from any Windows based tablet, laptop or PC.

Remote Apps helps simplify remote connectivity, enabling business applications to be accessed from a central webpage and allowing seamless integration to improve remote worker efficiency and reliability.

Whatever you might imagine or demand for your business, we can help you make it happen!

Risk Assessment
Intranet & Extranet
Risk assessments are an integral part of day to day business life, however IT is often overlooked. Protecting both your investment and your staff and data is our top priority, helping you to comply with relevant legislation whilst at the same time remaining cost conscious.

From full disaster recovery in the event of fire or theft to data protection with appropriate security and user rights, we will ensure that even the brightest sparks within your business (or even those from the outside) are unable to penetrate into the areas that should otherwise be secured.

Thanks to our extensive experience we know where to look and what to look for to help you factor in all aspects of your IT risk assessment through onsite consultation and remote investigation complimented by fully prepared reports and recommendations.

Geared specifically towards larger businesses or those who demand business-wide organisation and consistency, worldwide connectivity or ultimate data control and protection, our knowledge and experience will provide you with precisely what is required, as well as ensuring you worry free setup, configuration and maintenance.

Push the envelope of productivity and collaboration in your office to the leading edge, and keep even the most cost conscious director happy. Even without an IT department.

From bespoke development to freely available applications, our vast experience can help deliver a cost effective solution to achieve internal & external systems for communication and data collaboration.

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