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We have combined our IT Expert's wealth of knowledge and exceptional skill sets to create a highly available, secure hosting platform which we control, allowing us to provide a range of hosted services including web, email and database and other cloud based solutions. Thanks to exponential improvement of technology and hardware, we are able to supply you with a fast, affordable yet resilient hosting platform to meet the demands of even the most challenging of projects.

All systems are fully supported in-house by our team of leading IT Experts offering uptime in excess of 99.99%, backed by a variety of Dell hardware platforms and Microsoft software technologies. Our unique approach to affordable IT allows us to do more with less, lowering the total cost of hosting whilst remaining within a powerful and fully supported environment.

Offering two unique levels of dedicated hosting depending on your needs: our cost conscious shared platform comes complete with management portal for the creation of websites, databases and email accounts whereas our fully inclusive service will take care of all of your setup, configuration and implementation, providing you with the peace of mind that everything has been setup correctly, will run efficiently and will be totally secure.

We can even take care of all domain name registrations, transfers and management!

Our Services

Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Noticed how fast this site loads? Want your website to have the same blazingly fast feel to it? Using servers with up to 8GB of RAM and Gigabit connections to the internet we can get your website, webmail or online shop to your customers so fast they’ll hardly notice the change!

We offer several levels of web hosting with speeds, storage, bandwidth, uptime, availability and data redundancy to suit every budget. All with a state of the art management system and as many web technologies as you can handle!

A professional image requires more than Hotmail. Our personalised email hosting means that no matter how often you change your ISP you’ll never loose your old email.

Nor will you run the risk of having your email server blacklisted - our tireless work ensures that you consistently send clean, personalised email wherever you are, however you connect to the internet.

Businesses and users who require full collaboration between departments and employees should consider our Hosted Exchange platform.

Hosted Exchange
Dedicated Server
For those who demand more than send and receive when it comes to email communication, we are pleased to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange. Synchronised, always available and fully user oriented, Exchange allows immediate, worldwide collaboration through any device connected to the Internet.

Effectively managing resources, timetables and a vast array of people requires efficient and equally impressive communication and scheduling to ensure smooth operation no matter where you and your users might be. Accessible via a standard web browser, Outlook Mail Client or via a mobile device using ActiveSync your contacts, calendar, mailboxes and more will always be up to date however you access your account.

Utilising the latest version of Microsoft Exchange with full high availability, distribution and redundancy, our cloud based Exchange accounts give you the disaster-proof email systems modern businesses demand whilst saving you the burden of maintenance, management, support and infrastructure costs.

Ready for the next level? No matter how big or complex your corporate needs or desires a dedicated server or combination of servers will give you and your business the infrastructure required, at a fixed, predictable monthly cost.

Using the latest Dell hardware as the underlying base, complimented by a flavour of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems we can provide you with a secure, stable environment, managed and operated from UK Data Centres with 100% Internet uptime.

Included as standard, we offer: Remote Server Control, Application Installation, High Speed Internet Connections, Secure Private Network, Dedicated IP Addresses, Remote Power Control and Redundant Hard Drives on all our dedicated servers.

Our dedicated servers can be provided in managed or unmanaged modes, subject to requirements.

Server Co-location
Domain Management
Would your server be safe if your building caught on fire? Can your data make it through any disaster except the end of the world?

For any business where data retention is critical, for any situation which demands a zero tolerance policy to data loss or even if your business is expanding to new premises, server co-location is the answer that allows you to sleep safe in the knowledge that whatever the world might throw at you, you’ll still be in control.

Like postal addresses, Internet addresses have to be managed and controlled to maintain network efficiency and incorporate the latest developments.

Offering fully scaleable, completely configurable domain name management and purchasing we can make sure that your business is instantly recognisable and easy to find, no matter what your customers may type into their browsers.

Perfect for businesses in competitive markets or with multiple servers or existing domains!

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