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We like getting to know you and your requirements inside out. Each IT project is a unique and exciting opportunity, and our drive and motivation mean we are as determined as you are to pick the perfect solution.

Proud of our insight and ability to think independently we are able to offer you truly valuable opinion and advice throughout your project, whilst following our consistent and proven approach to problem solving.

Whether you require simple clarification of key issues or fully proposed solutions and roadmaps our vast experience and honest nature means we are always happy to chat. Many of our existing supported businesses are already taking advantage of our wealth of knowledge, particularly during this time of financial uncertainty and budgetary restraint, and we would love to exercise our unique approach to IT consultation to help you, your business and your staff take advantage of all modern IT has to offer.

We fully understand that committing to any project or system change, no matter the size or scale can involve input from many parties. We have helped many businesses overcome the constraints and barriers presented by IT implementation to deliver the core systems needed to support the demands of ever more productive business methodolgy.

Our Services

Virtual IT Director
Outsourced IT
Does your business have access to experienced IT advisors who can assist with the necessary planning, contract checking, specification overview and cost saving projections required within environments with limited funding? Although having access to central IT advisors, these are often biased towards ensuring that existing contracts remain, often at a much higher cost than equivalent services within the private sector.

We offer a unique service providing businesses with a Virtual IT Director, offering help and advice on a consultancy basis. Perfect for companies with or without existing IT staff who do not have access to a professional and independent IT Director, thanks to our unbiased approach and partnership with non-profit organisations we have saved a vast number of establishments from making the wrong, often costly, decisions.

As providers of services & solutions to a variety of businesses, we know that Outsourced IT is an effective measure for dramatically reducing your IT overheads and ongoing costs, allowing you to save more from your budget and increase IT efficiency without compromising on reliability.

Given the high costs associated with employing IT technicians, the high turnover of staff within these positions or simply as a measure for major cost savings, outsourcing IT is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Online PC Support specialise in Outsourced IT solutions giving your business the peace of mind that a friendly, familiar and knowledgeable addition to your IT resources is available. Whether you employ internal IT technicians or need a new IT partner we can help whenever and however often you might need us.

Risk Assessment
IT Strategy
Risk assessments are an integral part of day to day business life, however IT is often overlooked. Protecting both your investment and your staff and data is our top priority, helping you to comply with relevant legislation whilst at the same time remaining cost conscious.

From full disaster recovery in the event of fire or theft to data protection with appropriate security and user rights, we will ensure that even the brightest sparks within your business (or even those from the outside) are unable to penetrate into the areas that should otherwise be secured.

Thanks to our extensive experience we know where to look and what to look for to help you factor in all aspects of your IT risk assessment through onsite consultation and remote investigation complimented by fully prepared reports and recommendations.

Given the necessity of modern technology in today's environment and the cost of IT equipment, we want to ensure that your business is benefiting from the most appropriate technology and equipment available. Helping you balance current needs and budgets as well as considering system integration, flexibility and future maintenance we will work with you to make sure your total cost of ownership and operation does not outweigh your budget or underestimate your needs.

Businesses often do not fully understand the implications of buying unsuitable equipment as the initial purchase process is often never fully completed or rushed due to end of year budgets. Our love of IT means that we can ensure any investment you make is not only appropriate but suitable and adaptable for whatever lies ahead, even for something as basic and frequently overlooked as appropriate support and warranties.

Cloud Computing
IT Enterprise
Our private cloud computing solutions can deliver your applications, email, data and much more to any user, anywhere, anytime, with simply an Internet connection and a computer. Ranging from delivering corporate data and familiar working environments to the provision of necessary office based productivity software applications, these services are provided on demand and are easily fully scaleable.

The popularity of our Cloud Computing services is growing exponentially, driven purely by cost savings and reduced IT overheads compared with in-house IT systems and administration.

The full range of these services and working demonstrations are available on request.

IT Enterprise is a phrase used in the offering of high quality IT services dealing with large volumes of data and capable of supporting a high volume of users.

An enterprise solution, whether comprising of systems located internally or across multiple sites or even within the cloud can provide a fully integrated system whereby information can be accessed and shared across all functional levels and management hierarchies with ease.

Enterprise systems are at the core of what we do- offering an invaluable tool which encompasses the full range of services and rich features offered by today's collaboration techniques and software tools to provide a streamlined, effective yet bespoke solution to each of our customers without the unnecessary confusion, complexity or associated costs.

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